Delicious Clean Food Made from Scratch!

Feel good about the food you put in your body. We use simple ingredients that are free of preservatives and additives to make delicious, natural creations. Creat tasting food can be rewarding to your body!

Care about what you eat? We do! Wild Coho Salmon goes into our West Coast Salmon Sandwiches!

Care about what you eat? We do! Wild Coho Salmon goes into our West Coast Salmon Sandwiches!


Placing an Order with Peqish. Call us at 604-681-3999 or send us an email to

1. Payment Methods. We accept all major credit cards, Interac and cash payments. On events over $500, a 50% deposit is required.

2. Delivery. Yes we deliver. Delivery fees are based on proximity to our Seymour Street location.  

3. Changes to Order. You may make changes up until 24 hours before your catering event. Any changes within 24 hours and their acceptance will solely be at the discretion of Peqish.

4. Menu. The menu is provided on an as-is-basis. Any requested changes or modifications to our offerings, will result in an automatic 18% service charge.

5. Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice. Failure to notify Peqish of your intent to cancel an order prior to the 24 hour notice period, will result in an automatic 50% charge on the total invoiceable price.

6. Late Payments. Final payment is expected at the time of delivery, unless other arrangements have been made with our staff.  


We value your time and business, and understand that it may be easier to simply set up an account with Peqish for on-going catering.

If you are interested in working with us on a more regular basis and learning more about the incentives in setting up a corporate account, please contact our sales department by phone: 604-899-337 or by email:



Planning a catering with various dietary restrictions...

How do we do this?

1. We are a peanut free facility;

2. We are refined sugar-free facility;

3. We use all natural sweeteners;

4. We offer a variety of offerings including:

                      GF: Gluten friendly

                      DF: Dairy free

                      VGN: Vegan

                      VG: Vegetarian;

5. We take extra pre-cautions to minimize cross-contamination with common food borne allergens; and

6. We understand the science behind allergies/food sensitivities and communicate this to our staff.


DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that these products are prepared in the same kitchen facility as our other products. Therefore, cross-contamination may occur. Guests should exercise judgment in consuming Peqish products based on their individual dietary needs and sensitivities.