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It all started with…

Two people with a desire to make a big impact on your health. Drs. Anthony Marotta and Kenneth To, both armed with scientific and clinical acumen, came together to create Peqish Food Company. They saw the research and understood how the food you put into your body directly impacts your overall well-being.

According to the Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals, poor quality diets are deemed to be a greater risk to human welfare than unsafe sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco used combined. [1] To paraphrase, food related illnesses are on the rise and their impact on the well-being of humanity is far greater than external factors society has become highly sensitized to. It’s time for change.

Leveraging their 25+ years in the pharmaceutical industry together with the extensive hands-on clinical experience and knowledge base of the company’s health and wellness advisory team, Peqish creates innovative better-for-you foods. Peqish’s offerings for breakfast, lunch and snack time are intended to taste great, be nutritionally dense, of ideal portion size, and personalized to accommodate various dietary restrictions based on clinical and/or personal choices.

Peqish’s mission is to allow people leading active and busy lifestyles to “Eat Healthy-on-the-Go”.