Not all food is created equal.

We focus on providing nutritious, tastier, on-the-go meals with your health in mind.

today’s 1st world problem.

Low quality diets and processed foods

Food related illness are on the rise.

their impact on the well-being of humanity poses a greater risk than

unsafe sex,




tobacco use combined.


As a society, we cannot continue to ignore the impact that poor quality diets and misinformation is having on the well-being of individuals living in developed nations. Despite best efforts to publish guidance on what constitutes healthy eating, there are various factors at play that impact or influence consumer’s decision making. These factors taken together with our need for convenience and affordability create undue pressures that ultimately lead to poorer decisions.


our mission is to assist people in being able to “Eat Healthy On-The-Go”



Most people eat less whole grains, vegetables and good quality fats than they should. Fifty-four percent (54%) of the food people are consuming is from pre-packaged foods. This means people are consuming an excessive amount of refined sugars, poor quality fats, high sodium, low quality proteins and fibre, and foods full of chemicals. Convenience food has been directly impacting our health.